Your eyes aren’t fooling you. This is a real-life neon glowing turtle.

In July, scientists discovered an endangered hawksbill sea turtle that was glowing neon green and red. The rare and incredible moment was captured on video.

The turtle contains biofluorescent properties. Biofluourescence happens whenever an organism absorbs light, changes and emits the light as a different color.

Marine Biologist David Gruber was off the coast of the South Pacific in the Solomon Islands documenting small sharks, and coral reefs with similar biofluorescent properties when he spotted the UFO-like object.


Almost 40 minutes into the exploration, Gruber noticed the turtle approaching his camera. He describes the sighting as a “bright red and green spaceship.” Gruber says his team discovered green fluorescence in marine eels and gobies, but this was the first time spotting a sea turtle like with a mysterious glow.

Gruber and his diving partner spent close to five minutes observing and filming the turtle before it drifted away and vanished into the darkness.

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