Metro chats with Cam & Kadooh from the Canadian rock band State of Shock.

Dinner date — with whom and why?

Kadooh: Big Bird.

Cam: Humpty Dumpty. That’d be a great omelette. Or Colonel Sanders. I could go for some chicken.

What’s your greatest fear?

Kadooh: Erectile dysfunction. I’m going with that.

Cam: Not a lot of fears, per se, 'cause everything’s just kind of a risk in life, and I guess if you don’t try it you’re not gonna learn what not to do and what not to try. But I guess losing a loved one is my biggest fear.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Cam: Somewhere on tour in front of a lot fans, playing a great show and having everyone singing back at you. Just having a good time — sitting back with the band and having some beers, probably poolside somewhere.

Where do you find inspiration?

Kadooh: Day-to-day life and people along the way.

Cam: Fans coming up to you after shows and saying that a particular song really meant something to them.

What’s the last thing you say to yourself before a show?

Cam: Too late now!

Kadooh: Good luck.

Your last meal — what is it?

Cam: Chocolate. Everything chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream ... ’cause at that point, the intolerance doesn’t matter.

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