The two Toronto teens who sent a Lego man into near space were practically lifted into the stratosphere themselves on Wednesday by a rush of congratulations and media attention.


Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both 17, launched a balloon 80,000 feet above the Earth with a Lego passenger and four cameras to document the trip. After the Toronto Star first published their story and stunning near-space footage on Wednesday morning, Ho and Muhammad were deluged with interview requests from media outlets in Canada and around the world.


“I’ve been bombarded all morning. I feel like I’m their manager now,” said Lecourgos Papathanasakis, the principal of Agincourt C.I., where Ho and Muhammad are both in Grade 12. “They’ve definitely got star status.”


Lego sent a note of congratulations. “We are always amazed by the creative ways in which Lego fans use our products, and humbled by how many unsuspecting places we appear...” said Michael McNally, Brand Relations Director.