A California woman who said she was suffering from low self-esteem and depression decided she was going to lose weight and document the entire journey.

LaKeisha Shurn went to the gym for 100 days, and she created a video on each of those days. She lost 18 pounds and went from a size 26 to size 22.

In addition to uploading each of the videos to GiveIt100.com, she created a time-lapse video that chronicles the 100-day challenge in under three minutes.


"I always just thought of myself as someone who was unattractive and was not fit to be married or have kids," Shurn says in the video.

Though she lost 18 lbs. during the 100 days, she has lost a total of 51 lbs. since one year ago, when she weighed 348 lbs.

According to her GiveIt100.com profile, she is still losing weight and recording videos, though she has passed her 100 days and already reached her initial goal to get out of the "300 club."

"I have to learn a lot of things and there's still more to go, and I'm super excited to do it," she said.

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