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VIDEO: Tour guide with amazing 'girl voice' makes comeback

"Girl voice" guy makes a comeback.

Yesterday, a video of a tour guide for New York's "The Ride" went viral when he showed off some serious skills in switching up his regular voice to his "girl voice."

Matt Bittner graciously allowed his friend to film a short video of him doing his "super excited" "girl voice" - a day later, the video shot to the top of Reddit and went viral.

Bittner let his friend upload a second video in response to the first, where he reveals that he asked his friend not to put the video up at all on the internet. Alas, after he went to bed, he woke up in the morning to find that "I thought he was just going to keep it to himself," he says in his girl voice. "But then he decided to put it on the internet and it's fine and I'm not angry about it because now I guess - " Bittner switches back here to his regular voice, "I don't know! It's everywhere," much to the delight of his friends.

Bittner is also an actor, musician and sound designer, according to his website. He most recently performed in Shakespeare in the Park's "Much Ado About Nothing," which is not an inaccurate description of viral stardom in general.

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