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VIDEO: Two adorable cats share same bowl of food with each other

They even make cute sounds, too.

These two cats show us the meaning of courtesy and remind us that sharing truly is caring.

During feeding time, two adorable kittens appear to show the utmost courtesy for each other when they politely take turns letting the other eat from the same bowl.

The video was uploaded by YouTube userNuuuuuuukoand appears to be trending on the web. In this short, but sweet one minute clip, two adorable kittens are videotaped eating together from the same bowl. As one kitten has a few nibbles of food, it appears to use its front paw to slide the bowl to its sibling (or friend) to share. As they go back and forth during their intense share-a-thon, you can hear them make adorable soundsWhat't not to love about all this cuteness?

cute, adorable kittens share same bowl of food, cat .gif Gif


Watch these two adorable feline friends show extreme amounts of courtesy to each other during feeding time.

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