Utica police are refuting a video obtained by the Utica Phoenix that shows what some say is an officer allegedly planting evidence in the vehicle of a handcuffed man during a traffic stop.


The video, which was reportedly captured by a police dashboard camera last February, appears to show a police officer pull a small baggie from his pocket before he ducks into a stopped SUV. The same officer then emerges from the vehicle and walks back toward the police cruiser while holding a similar baggie.


However, according to a report on WKTV, Utica Police Chief Mark Williams says the widely distributed video doesn't tell the whole story and that the full version of the clip shows the officer's empty hand pulling a baggie from the suspect's pocket earlier.


Williams added the officers would have known the camera was running and questioned why one of them would be involved in planting evidence in full view of the lens.


The clip has spawned a lively discussion on Reddit, where several users have levelled their own allegations of police misconduct.