Do you wax your legs? If not, your boyfriend may confuse you for a bearded Seth Rogen lookalike, according to a new Veet ad.

Veet released a commercial on YouTube for its wax strips for women. In the ad, a couple wakes up in the morning and the sleepy boyfriend or husband rubs his lady's legs - only to express a look of disgust and horror once he realizes it's not perfectly smooth.

"Yeah, I know," says a woman's voice from a hairy man's body. "I'm a little prickly. I shaved yesterday!" she whines apologetically. The ad then introduces Veet's wax strips, leading to a scene in which the woman returns to her old, hairless self and her partner is happy again. The slogan is "Don't risk dudeness."

Unsurprisingly, many people are outraged by the ad's implication that women who don't shave are men.


Twitter users called the ad sexist, homophobic and transphobic. Read below to see some of their tweets.

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