A few months ago, a video was made that featured 20 strangers kissing for the first time. It went viral. A new social experiment video has been made and it features people slapping each other in the face. If you were ever interested in seeing what would happen, here's your chance.



In this strange and somewhat compelling video, screenwriter Max Landis gathered friends and acquaintances, paired them randomly and asked them to hit each other in the face.


According to the YouTube description for "The Slap," Landis says, "no one was pressured,and everyone was hit as hard as they asked to be hit." Everyone who participated appears to be enjoying themselves despite the fact they are being slapped across their face.


The video wasposted yesterday and has already received close to 400,000 views.


Landis alsoencourages everyone to watch "The Slap - Point of Impact" to learn more about the meaning behind creating this video. In short, he believes that if you take away the "destructive element of violence," it turns out to be something everyone can enjoy.