VIDEO: Watch this bounce house blow away with children on board

Bounce house safety has come under under speculation after an incident in Florida left three children injured.

Memorial Day weekend celebrations at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale beach we’re marred when a waterspout launched an bouncy house into the air. The flight ended left three children injured


Reuters reports:


The waterspout, a swirling funnel of water similar in some ways to a tornado, uprooted the bouncy house and sent it across a parking lot into a roadway, Detective DeAnna Greenlaw of the Fort Lauderdale police said on Twitter.


Three children were hurt but the extent of their injuries as well as their conditions was not immediately known, Greenlaw said in her Twitter post.


Cell phone video taken by several people on the beach at midday on Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the summer season, showed the rotating column of water come off the Atlantic Ocean and travel across the sand, reported. The video showed the waterspout make contact with the bouncy house with the children inside, tumble the enormous inflatable toy several times and then lift it 15 feet into the air, reported.

This is not the first time a bouncy house, full of children has been launched by an incredible gust of wind.

“In October 2014, one New Hampshire toddler was critically injured and another seriously hurt when a wind gust lifted the bouncy house they were playing in some 30 feet off the ground, carrying it 50 feet before it crashed,” Reuters Reports.

Two children were also injured in upstate New York in May 2014.

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