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VIDEO: Watch this disabled kitten learn to walk

Watch the progress this adorable physically impaired kitten makes as it shakily learns to walk over the span of 10 weeks.

The cat is out of the bag, and onto its own four legs. The owners of this adorable physically impaired kitten tracked its progress as it learned to walk over the span of 10 weeks - and its uncontrolled wobbly legs only makes its baby steps even more endearing.

At eight weeks old, the cat is unable to get off its side, merely waving around its legs to chase a toy being waved around its head. Eventually, however, viewers can watch a tale of triumph unfold as the black and white feline takes its first shaky steps. With the help of a walker and steadfast determination, the cat goes from uncoordinated to confident. By 18 weeks old, it's able to prance around the room and even tease its littermates.

The video itself doesn't mention why the kitten is physically impaired, but a Reddit commenter suggests that it might have cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that can form in cats and dogs when cerebellum is not completely developed at birth. As we see, it can cause walking and balance problems, but the condition doesn't get worse. Some cats can even overcome it with time and live a fairly normal life, especially with some help from owners who keep in mind their cat's special needs.

This particular kitten seems to be doing all right for itself - and it still has eight lives left to spend exploring with its newfound skills.

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