Here's what can happen when you try to eat something that's been on the floor – after the five second rule, of course.


Scot Haney, a weatherman at CBS affiliate WFSB, made the repulsive discovery of finding out what he thought was Grape-Nuts cereal was actually cat vomit. This all happened during a live broadcast of their morning show.


Hungry Haney spotted the cereal-like pellets on the floor and swooped down like a vulture to scoop them up. He shuffles them in his right hand like dice before tossing them into his mouth. Haney mentions the tiny tidbits taste like shoes, then the news team adds, "It smells like vomit."


In the next segment, Scot Haney takes his shoe off, shows it to the camera and admits he just ate cat vomit on air. Way to go, Scot.