Emily Helck is sharing her battle with breast cancer with the world by taking a photo of herself every week.


Helck was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012 and began documenting her journey after starting chemotherapy treatment. By photographing herself once a week, Helck created a heartwarming time-lapse sequence that shows her personal journey.


In this short, one-minute clip, Helck is completely transparent about her battle with cancer,documenting her hair and weight loss. She also shares photos of herself with drainage tubes attached to her body.Her treatments have included a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, and she is currently taking the drug Herceptin, according to her blog.


After one year of undergoing treatments and experiencing physical and emotional changes, she is making strides at rebuilding her life, but she knows the battle isn't over. During an interview with Today.com she says, "Not to say this experience is over, because it's not — I'm still dealing with reconstruction, and all of the emotional stuff."


To stay updated with what's going on with Emily, you can follow her personal blog at www.rtonj.blogspot.com.