Video of a man riding between two C-Train cars has hit YouTube and spurred an investigation by Calgary Transit safety officials.

SAIT student Laura Bevelander, 20, posted a cellphone video on YouTube after the April 29 incident, during which she captured an apparently intoxicated man riding between the C-Train cars for just over two minutes and 30 seconds from the Sunnyside station to the 8th Street SW stop.

The video shows the man holding onto window wipers on the C-Train and also jumping from car to car while awestruck passengers watch the event unfold.

“I couldn’t believe it. We were all like, ‘Is this really happening?’ ... He had a bottle of liquor in his bag,” she said.

Bevelander was concerned about the response from Calgary Transit, as she alleged she hit the help button repeatedly but didn’t get any response.

“The conductor just let the guy walk away at the next stop after asking if he was OK and was upset with us for leaving the help button down,” she said.

Transit safety spokesperson Brian Whitelaw said calls were received by transit and 911, but the man fled before police or peace officers could get on scene.

“We know there was contact made ... Sometimes in scary situations people may not be aware help is on the way,” Whitelaw said.

He added they are treating the situation seriously and could pursue charges of mischief against the man when they identify him. Surveillance and the YouTube video are being used for identification.

“There’s very little you can do to prevent an individual who is motivated to do that,” said Whitelaw.

“We believe (the man) may have been intoxicated, and that just makes it worse — propped up on a little liquid courage, people do these things and of course there can be very tragic consequences.”

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