Meredith Vieira is an Emmy award-winning journalist and currently co-anchor of “Today” on NBC. She is the mother of three children: Ben, 20; Gabe, 18; and Lily, 16.

Have you ever felt mom peer pressure?

Yes and no. On one level I would say how ridiculous, with all this overscheduling, but deep down inside I would feel like am I inadequate, as a parent, not exposing my kids to all those great things out there? Am I cheating them? Will I be perceived as the bad parent?

Do you think we overschedule our kids today?


I think kids are overprogrammed. Kids are under a lot of pressure as it is, why program the little bit of downtime they have? You have to listen to your children’s cues.

Why is there so much mom peer pressure?

There are a lot of Type A personalities out there. You want your kids to have a leg up. It’s a competitive world.

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