Sweet Mango
9120 82 (Whyte) Avenue

Signature Drink: Iced Lime Soda with Vodka ($6.90)
Signature Dish: Prawns, Peaches and Pineapple in Sweet Chili Sauce ($15.95)
Rating: *** 1/2
Dinner & drinks for 2: $60

It isn’t an easy spot for a restaurant. At almost three years, Sweet Mango has lasted longer than many in its strip mall across the Mill Creek bridge.

Jaunty yellow walls and floor-to-ceiling windows leave the large dining room awash in natural light.

Delightful aromas distracted me from the “modern Vietnamese fusion” menu which includes green onion cakes (2/$4.95) and crispy Thai prawns ($14.95) along with an extensive list of dishes for sharing.

Service was quick, friendly and unintelligible. Our South Vietnamese spring rolls (6/$7.95) were packed tightly with flavour: they greedily sopped up the sharp homemade fish sauce and left barely a hint of oiliness on our fingers.

Unfortunately, my vodka-laced iced lime soda ($6.90) was far too syrupy sweet for my taste.

Steamed rice ($2) anchored my curry coconut squid ($15.95) on a sizzling yellow platter that issued a deep, musky aroma. The menu claimed it was spicy, which is true. It wasn’t hot, but potent. It’s bite highlighted both chewy tentacles and crisp veggies.

In fact, every dish gloried in the use of fresh, crisp ingredients. I intend to return soon to savour some less sauce-based dishes.

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