Public opinion is mixed over a plan to cut 70 trees from Queen Elizabeth Park to re-establish views of Downtown Vancouver from the city’s highest peak, according to a parks report today.

The report, which will be presented to Vancouver’s parks board July 7, calls for the restoration of three view corridors that, historically, offered spectacular views of the city and the North Shore mountains.
Of the 175 public respondents, 81, or 46 per cent, were opposed to the plan to cut the trees, while 76 people, or 43 per cent, were in favour of it. Some were undecided.

As well, a telephone survey of 500 Lower Mainland residents found that more than half, 259 or 52 per cent, supported cutting the trees while only 96, or 19 per cent were opposed.


Citing the mixed public opinion, Comm. Loretta Woodcock said a compromise position should be examined.

“I’m proposing to the commissioners that we look at opening up one viewpoint,” Woodcock said. “I’m imploring the majority NPA board to do that.”

The view-blocking trees, which make up about one per cent of the park’s cover, were planted over the past 60 years as part of the park’s arboretum of native and exotic tree species.

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