Vigneault looks to fit Linden in

<p>Where does Trevor Linden fit? That’s the question Alain Vigneault is asking himself these days, albeit in a public manner.</p>


Where does Trevor Linden fit? That’s the question Alain Vigneault is asking himself these days, albeit in a public manner. Vigneault told reporters he’s trying to figure out which line Linden belongs on as the fourth line has become an in-your-face type of unit that plays much more physically than the Canucks’ icon does.


Linden was back at centre with Matt Cooke and Alex Burrows last night, but I have to wonder if he’ll be given a shot at playing with both Cooke and Brendan Morrison in the future.


Burrows is more of an agitator than a natural finisher, which allows him to join the fourth line seamlessly, and Linden did produce a streak of offence when paired with better offensive players last season. If he’s only going to play three out of every four games, Vigneault would like to see some production out of the popular veteran as Linden isn’t going to fire up his teammates by delivering punishing hits.


• Not surprisingly, Bob O’Billovich is no longer the potential GM in Hamilton — he’s got the job. That means a couple phone calls are likely to take place if they haven’t already. O’Billovich will most likely gauge Jacques Chapdelaine’s interest in joining him in Hamilton given the success Chapdelaine had with Ticats’ pivot Casey Printers when they were together in B.C.

As for the Lions, Wally Buono will almost certainly be in conversation with Roy Shivers about the now vacant player personnel position here in Vancouver. Though many Lions fans remember him for his outspoken days in Saskatchewan, Shivers and Buono had great success together in Calgary when the former was responsible for recruiting talent for the Stamps. The good news for Buono is his 2007 team is virtually intact for next year, so he’s not under a lot of pressure to make the hire immediately.

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