Amongst the mansions, parks and ravines in this Toronto neighborhood considered one of the more posh areas of the city, is the two-block entertainment hub centred on Spadina Road and Lonsdale Road.

The Forest Hill Village is a mix of upscale restaurants, family-friendly eateries and take-out spots as well as high-end shops, spas and a popular spinning studio (according to one shop keeper, if people aren’t at work or Starbucks, they’re spinning). With no sky scrappers in sight, the village feels more like a small town’s city centre.

The Hope Street Café is a neighborhood staple that fills up with a midday crowd of kids, parents, bubbies and zadies, while it’s sister restaurant across the street, the South Side, has a more sophisticated menu aiming to feed an upscale clientele. Fighting for the same clients is Sotto in the village, serving mouth-watering, authentic Italian dishes.

Down the street from the South Side is the Forest Hill Spa, where locals go for their manicures, pedicures, massages and even minor cosmetic surgeries.

Two established art galleries decorate this intersection as well, the Lonsdale and Art Interiors. Both galleries aim to support local, established talent as well as emerging artists.

Where to go

• Restaurants: Sotto in the Village, South Side Restaurant and Bar, Hope Street Café, Mashu Mashu Mediterranean Gill, Sushi Lovers, The Village Chill, What a Bagel.

• To do: Lonsdale Gallery, Art Interiors gallery, Forest Hill Spa, Track Fitness.

• Shopping: Kitsch Boutique, Ecco Shoes, Type, Villa Ventura.

What do you like about Forest Hill?

Heather O’Neill

age 60, lives in the area
A: I love it here, especially the village — it’s very family oriented. Edo-Ko is very yummy for sushi.

Joanna Cumandra
age 45, visits the area
A: I like the trees because they make it feel old and refined here. Pizza Banfi has great Italian food.

Paul Popovici

age 26, lives in the area
A: I like that Forest Hill has its own life and community. Dutch Dreams is one of the best places for ice cream!

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