It's only been days since I took down the holiday ornaments, lights and tree. I must admit that there's a rather dull vibe around the house, and the cold weather isn't making things any brighter. Luckily, one of this year's big home decor trends is vintage shimmer and shine from the 1960s. From glossy flooring, sequined pillows and rich satin fabrics, the house can feel like a glamourous holiday throughout all of 2011. Here are a few glittering trends to look out for this year:

Shiny Floors
The luxe look of silk/wool area rugs add rich colour and sheen to the floor. Deep colours of charcoal grey and chocolate brown are popular colours right now. Look for deep purple, greens or pink colours landing on our floors soon. Want the ultra-cool flooring? Try leather floors for sheen and texture (check out Made of recycled leather, they add a sense of penthouse sophistication for around $12 square foot.

Sequin and beads
Although sequins may feel scratchy, no one will argue that their glitter and shine doesn't add a sense of party-glamour to a room. A decorative sequined pillow, beaded lampshade or a drapery panel dotted with a few shiny bobbles will add whimsy and celebration to a room. You'll find lots of inspiration by shopping in ethnic areas of town. Little India often has sari fabrics, and they'll provide all the inspiration you need to get started.

Satiny Fabrics
The soft sheen of leather is coming back, and this time around leather will be in a plethora of colours. Mainly inspired by 1960s style, the simple furniture shapes with fashionable coloured leather will help make a statement in the living and family room. Leather not your style? Consider a traditional styled, button-tufted sofa upholstered in a thick satin fabric. Think Doris Day and her 1960s penthouse apartment and you'll be all set for this look. Upholstering a wall in faux leather or satin gives a luxurious hotel look to a bedroom.

Glossy furnishings
Small spaces take well to super-gloss/shiny surfaces as they help to reflect light and look airier than heavy wood. Considering a new kitchen? Look no further than the super affordable Ikea Abstrakt cabinetry in your choice of a few eye-popping colours. Got a heavy-looking coffee table or dresser? Top it with a piece of thick glass to help create a reflective surface and lighten the overall look. A glass-panelled backsplash is an inexpensive and chic way to update a kitchen with shine.