All but two tenants of New Glasgow’s Maritime Building have slightly more than a week to move out.

A fire marshal’s order gives 17 total actions that building owner Cohen MacInnis must address in order to make the building habitable. They include: electrical violations, lack of emergency lighting and exit signs, exterior exits that are cluttered with storage, snow and ice, no fire alarms, and issues with the heating system.

Lawrence Mason, owner of Mainstay Security and Investigation, says there are serious problems all over the building.


He’s moving out of the building because, he says, there’s no heat except for a portable heater, no power and non-winterized windows, patched with duct tape and insulation, that let snow and cold air into his suite on the fifth floor.

“Cohen said he was going to change the building for the better,” said Mason.

“That’s why we moved in, not for the cheap rent. But we haven’t even had power since we moved in.”

It’s so cold in his suite his employees have been working from home, and some of the equipment no longer works.