A brand of fitness prog­rams dubbed Iamsuperchick.com may sound like it’s meant for hardcore workout addicts — and the photo of its creators may look impossibly glam — but its actually aiming to take the intimidation out of exercise.

Georgie Thompson, a U.K. television presenter who founded the service along with personal trainer Cat Dungale, acknowledges that plenty of women would rather sit on the couch cradling a glass of wine in one hand and peanuts in the other than train.

“Women won’t stick to an unrealistic training program, no matter how committed they are,” she says.

“We offer an alternative: Online programs and home videos they can fit into their hectic lifestyles. The reason Cat and I created iamsuperchick.com was to help women who enjoy fitness but are too intimidated by it.”

Indeed, from the Yummy Mummy to the Fight Club workout, the website caters to a variety of lifestyles. “If we’re going to put ourselves out there as a female fitness brand which responds to the demands of women, it must be reflected in the service,” explains Thompson.

Whether you use a can of food as weights or choose to do lunges while vacuuming, Thompson and Dungale want to inspire you to get fit on your own turf. “Using what you have lying around the house and turning your front room into a gym is part of our credit-crunch appeal,” Thompson says.

“Fitness should be more light-hearted, not about fancy equipment or spending a fortune on personal trainers.”

“We make exercise fun. We have an alcohol calculator, interactive training diary and fitness assessment charts as well as Motivation Monday, where we send members an electronic cupcake. When you operate an online business it’s important to connect in a more personal way and Motivation Monday is one way we do that.”