colleen coplick/reuters


Trainer Kevin Laface exercises with client Kim Bey at the virtual Wii Workout Station in Studeo 55.


A Vancouver health club is offering a new from of exercise for people bored with the treadmill or cycling classes — the Wii Workout Station.

Studeo 55, on Alberni Street, near Thurlow, has incorporated a Nintendo Wii workout station into circuit training where users can punch, run and jump with the system’s movement-sensitive controller.

A spokesman for Nintendo Canada said this is the first they have heard of a gym using the Wii in its schedule.

Nathan Mellalieu, owner of Studeo 55, said he decided to bring video games into a fitness environment after watching how much fun some children were having and, more importantly, seeing them sweat.

He estimates that one session of Wii boxing, tennis or bowling equates to going for a brisk walk and can burn between 75 to 125 calories.