Volkswagen has announced the second generation Touareg showcasing the brand’s first-ever hybrid.

Taking the Touareg to the forefront of its class are three available engines to suit a variety of different drivers: A V6 FSI gasoline engine, a V6 TDI Clean Diesel engine, and a V6 TSI gasoline hybrid engine.

With the hybrid model, a 3.0-litre supercharged, direct injection V6 gasoline engine is paired with a special electric motor that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by about 40 per cent.


An eight-speed automatic transmission (the first of its kind in an SUV) keeps power always available while helping the Touareg Hybrid achieve approximately 25 and 21 mpg during highway and city driving respectively.

A special clutch can disengage the transmission from the engine when the engine is not powering the Touareg, allowing it to coast forward emission free to further aid in fuel savings

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