The Council of Ontario Universities says the number of people applying to universities in the province is exceeding expectations — and that has led to a funding shortfall. As of Jan. 11, the deadline for submission of university applications, 79,568 secondary school students had applied for first-year admission in the fall.


That’s an increase of 3,908 applicants over 2006. The council says the number of applicants exceeded projections, as it did in 2006 and 2005. But the council says the higher number of enrolments — 14,000 more than planned for this year — has created a funding shortfall of about $100 million, a figure it expects to grow to at least $300 million annually by 2009-10.


The group says funding these additional students will require new expenditure by the province. Dr. Ian Clark, president of the council, says the council is looking forward to working with the government to finding a solution to these funding issues.