The official uniforms for staff and volunteers at the 2010 Games were unveiled in Vancouver yesterday, and have been designed to be worn during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The bright blue winter jackets, which were created by The Hudson’s Bay Company, have the Olympic rings on the back. A Paralympic patch can snap over top of the Rings, turning it into a uniform for the Paralympic Games.

On the front of the jacket, a Velcro and rubber patch allows for the 2010 Olympic emblem to be switched out for the Paralympic emblem.

The roughly 30,000 members of the workforce will also be decked out with navy mountain pants, a toque, two long-sleeve T-shirts and a vest.

“Designing a workforce uniform for the Winter Games is a tough task,” said John Furlong, VANOC’s CEO.

“They need to be functional and warm with lots of layers for working in all types of weather and they need to be stylish.”

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