Volunteers came with their painting equipment and overalls to add some shine and sparkle to the Prince Charles community yesterday in anticipation of this weekend’s Rexall Indy.

This is the 14th outing this year as a part of the graffiti wipeout campaign by the City of Edmonton, with over 50 volunteers from organizations such as ATB Financial, CN and Kingsway Business Association along with Ward Four Coun. Jane Batty.

“The fact that 121 Street is going to be widely travelled from June 24 to 26 (meant action was needed),” said Don Belanger, program manager of Capital City Clean Up. “Also the fact that we have major rail service that comes through here, and people see these walls and the condition of the graffiti.

“It’s not a very pleasant image for Edmonton.”

He added that people who want to do graffiti should find a legal place to practise.

The graffiti taggers consistently come back, but the Capital City Clean Up wants people to consistently keep graffiti removed to help deter the vandals from continuing.

Coun. Jane Batty said that she wants Edmonton residents to remember the “three Rs,” which are record it, report it, and remove it.

Property owners can contact police at 780-423-4567, and concerned citizens can call 780-496-8200 to report graffiti.

Some property owners may risk a fine of up to $200 if it is not removed in a reasonable amount of time, police say.

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