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Police chief Jim Chu yesterday at the unveiling of the department’s five-year strategic plan.


Days after two men were gunned down outside a downtown restaurant Vancouver police unveiled its five-year strategic plan that will make Vancouver "Canada’s safest major city."

Police Chief Jim Chu said yesterday the department’s 2008–2012 plan will reduce violent crime by 10 per cent.

"We are all aware that gangs are a growing problem in our city," said Chu. But he added "the chances of being involved in a violent crime incident are very low unless you’re a gang member or lead a risky lifestyle."

"Property crime is the most common crime to which our citizens fall victim," said Chu, adding that he hopes to reduce property crime by 20 per cent.

Chu said the department will provide more visible policing to reduce all levels of crime.

On Saturday night two men were killed while driving up to Gotham restaurant at Dunsmuir and Seymour streets.

Const. Tim Fanning said the gang suppression task force is succeeding at stopping random violence like "drunkards shooting their guns off and killing innocent people," but said stopping a targeted attack is difficult.

Fanning said police are sorting through dozens of videotapes from surrounding buildings as well as 200 witness testimonies as they try to find suspects.

arrest at Gotham

  • Lawrence Brinley Wilson, 47, of Vancouver, was arrested Saturday night trying to leave Gotham restaurant after dropping a gun from his waistband.

  • He has been charged with unauthorized possession of a restricted firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a controlled substance.