They didn’t beam Scotty up to Vulcan, but for residents of the small town it was a nice consolation prize.

Vulcan Mayor Tom Grant and 300 Vulcan residents were transported by bus to the Chinook Centre for a Paramount Pictures special screening of the new Star Trek movie last night.

“It’s not a movie premiere in the town, but it’s a really close second. This is such an exciting opportunity for the town,” Grant said.

Grant and the town were lobbying for the premiere of the movie for the past year with the help of original Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy.

“This has been a long time coming,” Grant added.

Star Trek fans Clydine, 61, and Al Grenier, 50, have been fans since they were children and dressed up for the occasion. They were two of many wearing pointy ears and raised eyebrows in celebration of the movie.

“This has been in our family for generations. It’s the past, present and the future,” Clydine said.

The Town of Vulcan, 120 kilometres southeast of Calgary, is world-renown for its annual Star Trek convention and Spock Days every June.