Rather than creating a solution for a problem that may not even be there, a Calgary alderman thinks the city should take a “wait and see” approach before enforcing restricted parking along the planned west LRT route.

Ward 5 Ald. Ray Jones doesn’t believe creating no parking zones along the proposed west transit route is the right avenue to take as Ald. Joe Connelly plans to propose at Wednesday’s transportation committee meeting.

“I don’t think they should be presupposing problems in the area when there may not end up being a problem,” Jones said yesterday.

Connelly is lobbying his fellow council members to introduce no parking zones for non-residents to get ready for the opening of the LRT route in 2012 and said non-resident parkers could face fines.

“I’m not saying there won’t be a parking problem; there may be. But I think that’s something we can deal with easy enough after. I mean, that is two years away, it’s not being built overnight,” Jones said of the proposal.

Long-time area resident Harry Horn said he doesn’t think there will be a problem and hopes the city won’t make it harder for residents to park.

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