Apartment evacuees may not be allowed back into their homes for up to another week, according to officials, who say the repair process needs to be meticulous.

While over 300 residents are still left without a home after a surging transformer caused electrical fires all over Mayfair Place Sunday, Enmax and the building operators are covering their incidentals, housing and food costs.

“We’re quite confident in the steps they’ve taken to ensure they have lodging food and any personal needs met right now,” said Greg Solecki, acting deputy chief of the Calgary Emergency Management.

He adds the city has deactivated the Municipal Emergency Plan.

“The building contractors are doing everything humanly possible to get in there and make sure the building is safe for them to return there.”

Scott MacDonald, vice-president of Enmax, believes they are still looking at a “three to 10-day time frame” and in the meantime will give $3,000 to each residency for items lost.

“The technicians are saying it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion,” he said.

Enmax has no damage estimates yet.