About 4,200 people got their H1N1 vaccines on the first day of the clinics Monday — just over a third of the 12,000 the city was aiming for —but Ottawa’s medical officer of health is confident that things will run more smoothly as clinics ramp up.

“We knew we wouldn’t be at 12,000 at Day 1,” said Dr. Isra Levy yesterday. “What we learned (on Monday) is things do tend to go more slowly than we thought. When (people are) at the immunization station and in front of the nurse, they do have questions.

“Last night, we looked at numbers and readjusted our estimates and thought that if we were at maximum capacity, unless we add additional capacity, we will probably be able to do about double what we did yesterday on a daily basis.”

An estimated 5,300 people were vaccinated at clinics here yesterday.

Despite hours-long waits, Levy said he was “grateful that the vast majority of people we’ve interacted with were very patient.”

The city has already requested additional vaccines from the province.

Once the initial surge of demand has been worked through, Levy said he hopes the experience “shouldn’t take people more than an hour.”

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