For one lucky person this summer the “ultimate” job will involve parties, public speaking, lots of travel and most importantly, managing a campaign … for a Sasquatch.

Kokanee is going to pay someone — 19 and over — $10,000 to fill “the coolest, and most unusual” summer job of managing the company’s new “Ranger live or die” campaign. The candidate will spend the summer working throughout Western Canada helping the Sasquatch convince the public to vote the Kokanee Ranger out of his job.

“It’s not your typical summer job,” admitted Kokanee brand manager Richard Fortin. “It’s something different, something we haven’t done in the past.”

In addition to the campaign manager’s responsibility of spreading the “Kill-off the Ranger” message, he or she will host parties and rallies, report campaign updates on the web and act as an ambassador for Kokanee’s products.

For Fortin, the ideal campaign manager will have a personality that’s perfect for TV or radio, possess web and tech-savvy skills, and be prepared to work outside of the 9-5 routine in a job that will allow them to use their creativity and improve thinking and working on their feet.

“They’re going to work some fairly unusual hours … it could be some early morning stuff, getting to radio stations and television stations to talk to media about the campaign,” he said.

Applicants are encouraged to create a video or submit letter, displaying their creativity and unique personality, as soon as possible. The position beings June 2 and runs until Aug. 17.

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