Mayoral hopeful billing himself as centrist candidate



rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Suggesting that he is a middle-of-the-road candidate, Allan De Genova launches his bid for the Vision Vancouver mayoral nomination yesterday.


Mayoral hopeful Allan De Genova wants to wash clean Vancouver’s partisan politics, restore morale to City Hall and get the city working again.

“I’m a consensus builder,” said the veteran parks commissioner, who launched his campaign yesterday for Vision Vancouver’s mayoralty nomination. “I’m a true centrist guy who the citizens of Vancouver want.”

De Genova will contest city councillor Raymond Louie and NDP Kingsway-Fairview MLA Gregor Robertson for the nomination.

“I thrive on making things happen,” said De Genova, adding he works 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

His priorities include:

  • improving public safety by increasing police resources and by keeping youth from crime through school and community centre programs.

  • improving morale at City Hall and among city employees, particularly the city’s firefighters.

Senator Larry Campbell, the city’s former COPE-Vision mayor, has thrown his support behind De Genova.

“What I see in Al is pragmatism,” Campbell said. “There is no left or right. If it is a good idea, we don’t care where it comes from, we should pursue it.”

To finance his work, De Genova proposes raising more than $100-million through re-developing city sites in Little Mountain, East Fraser, North East False Creek and the post office.

“I’m not a career politician,” De Genova said. “I don’t need the job. I want the job. There’s a difference. Sam Sullivan needs the job. I really like the guy a lot — I won’t do business with him — but I really like him. But Sam needs a different job. He has not been effective.”