Feeling lonely this holiday season? How about turning your friends into your own personal dating service. Turns out, 68 percent of people met their spouse through someone they know.


It makes sense: There are great advantages of meeting someone through an acquaintance. Namely, they can vouch for the fact your new love interest isn't completely lame, psychotic or on the verge of getting back together with an ex. And because you know someone in common, whoever you meet will be more likely to act like a decent human being because they'll be more accountable for their actions.

Of course, to take full advantage of your social network, you should actually ask your friends to introduce you to people. Hell, I say even ask your acquaintances if they know of anyone. The wider you cast your net, the more likely you'll be to find someone. We network all the time to find jobs, why should finding a significant other be any different? I'd argue that finding a partner is just as big of a part of your life (if not more) than finding a job. So get out there, be shameless! Guy or girl, it's completely normal to want to meet someone if you're single. There's no reason to get bashful about telling people you're actively looking.


I know what you're thinking: If my friends knew someone who would be good for me they would take the initiative on their own. Not true. First of all, friends may be trigger shy because they don't know you're open to being set up. Second, unless you ask your friends to think about the all the singles they know, they're probably not actively considering all the cool people that might make a good match.

There are single guys and girls everywhere who want nothing more than to find someone but feel like they're banging their heads against the walls in the bar scene and online. Why not take a new strategy and see what happens?


— Amber Madison is a Manhattan-based relationship expert and dating coach. She is the author of ‘Are All Guys Assholes?’ for which she traveled the country, spoke to over 1,000 men and discovered that the answer to this question is no. You can follow her on Twitter @ambermadi or online at www.ambermadisononline.com