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Want an 11/11/11 baby? Better get to it

Do the math: Clock ticking for giving your kid a cool birthday

Fertility experts are offering a heads up if you want to give your baby a birthday — actual day of birth — present. It's time to act now if you'd like to bring a child into the world on Nov. 11, 2011.

Much like July 7, 2007 — 7/7/07 — was a landmark day for weddings, birthdays and all around superstitions, you can be sure of the hubbub around 11/11/11. And looking at the calendar, timing will be of the essence.

"They want to know when to have sex to have a baby on November 11," Dr. Jamie Grifo, program director of the New York University Fertility
Center, told CNN.com. "11-11-11 - people really want that birth date for their baby."

Grifo says a woman who conceives Feb. 18 will have a Nov. 11 due
date, provided she has a regular 28-day cycle. But of course conception
is not an advanced science. Since cycles vary and most pregnancies
aren't exactly 40 weeks, conceiving a child anytime in the next week or
two could get the coveted 11-11-11 digits for your little one.
Valentine's Day sex, for example, could very well land you a baby on
November 11.

Need some tips for when the time may be just right? Try an online ovulation calculator.

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