New flavours of ice cream, gelato ready for summer



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This pair loves their cold treats outside The Big Chill (367 Manning Ave.) in Toronto.


The prelude to summer this year has seen some capricious weather, flitting from scorching one day to sopping the next. Summer seems to have finally made up its mind to stay however, which can only mean two things: ice and cream! (And their close cousins gelato and sorbet, of course).

Mother Nature isn’t the only one having mood swings this year however, and ice cream lovers are behaving just as fickle. “There is no more middle ground,” says Len Tokey, owner of Summer’s Ice Cream in Yorkville. “People want either the low-fat and non-dairy or the full-fat, super-premium ice cream.”

Thankfully, our trusty ice cream makers are pandering to our polarized cravings and this year’s new flavors are all belonging to one of two camps: The light and fruity or the creamy and decadent.

At Summer’s, their rookie flavours all hail from the fruity camp. Among their new offerings is a rhubarb strawberry, unveiled just last weekend, and a delicious blueberry-and-blood orange sorbet, packing a one-two punch with the berry mildly hitting your taste buds first and the orange sweetly setting in after.

A yummy blood-orange sorbet has also been introduced at Ed’s Real Scoop on Queen East, but jockeying against it for the title of fave new flavour is a more chocolatey newcomer: The red-hot chili chocolate gelato. Proving mighty popular among Ed’s customers, its spicy kick adds some gusto to the classic chocolate flavour.

Not one to be left out, Greg’s on Bloor and Spadina boasts a new Smartie Pants flavour (sweet cream and crushed Smarties) as well as a fresh mango ice cream, made from Alphonso mangoes instead of the usual Mexican variety.

Over in Little Italy, the fruity vs. chocolatey faceoff continues at The Big Chill, where it’s difficult to choose sides between the new blueberry swirl and sinfully yummy dark chocolate peanut butter. At La Paloma in Corso Italia, however, the real contenders are its new “healthy” flavours, and joining the mix is a pine nut, a sesame crunch and the ever-so-light soya-based green tea gelato.

As we look to Soma in the Distillery District, fruity gelatos and sorbets include a rhubarb, pomegranate, Thai coconut and vanilla with Manuka honey.

And adding more muscle to the fruit movement is the exotic Tropical Treets’ offerings — guava, a lychee sorbet and a Dutch apple pie flavours. But balancing out all the juiciness is a new coffee kulfi, which is an Arabic Indian-style coffee delight.

So which shall prevail in the ice cream wars of 2007, fruity or creamy? Maybe it just doesn’t matter — in the end, everybody wins.

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  • Summer’s Ice Cream: 101 Yorkville Ave., 416-944-2637

  • Ed’s Real Scoop: 2224 Queen St. E., 416-699-6100

  • The Big Chill: 367 Manning Ave., 416-960-2455

  • La Paloma: Various locations,

  • Soma: Distillery District, 55 Mill St., Bldg. 48, 416-815-7662,

  • Ben & Jerry’s: Various locations,

  • Tropical Treets: 130 Bermondsey Rd., 416-759-8777

  • Baskin Robbins: Various locations,

  • Greg’s: 750 Bloor St. W.,


  • Dutch Dreams: 78 Vaughan Rd., 416-656-6959