There was a time when the norm was for people to work in the city and live in suburban bedroom communities, driving back and forth each day.


It was simply a part of their everyday life.


During the past few years, many things have changed: Populations have risen, more and more new homes are being constructed to satisfy demand, traffic is heavier, gas prices have skyrocketed, the bedroom communities are now hectic and fast-paced (especially on weekends), and commuters are asking themselves, “Why am I doing this?”

Does living outside Metro Toronto necessarily offer a better quality of life if it involves one to two hours of driving time each way?

One of the many reasons so many people are choosing to live in Toronto condominiums is to avoid gridlock.

They already have to face a stress-filled workday of at least eight hours, so the prospect of fighting frustrating traffic on the way to and from their workplace isn’t appealing. With urban condominiums offering unprecedented affordability and functional designs, there is an attraction to living in an environment that allows for less commuting time.

With so much choice in the Toronto condo market, purchasers can live right downtown, in midtown or in 416 areas of the north part of the city around Finch and Steeles. As long as the condominium is close to the subway system, getting around quickly is a refreshing alternative to spending three hours on the GO Train every day.

Plus, using public transit frees up driving time for reading or working en route. Even the peripheral areas of Metro Toronto can shave an hour off a commute, whether residents come into the city core from the east, north or west.

The condo lifestyle option frees up a lot of other time that low-rise owners spend shovelling snow, mowing lawns and looking after other home maintenance issues. It’s easy to understand why so many busy professionals and over-50 purchasers are seeking this less stressful lifestyle.

On top of all the other reasons for choosing condominium living, this continuing demand makes a condo purchase a great long-term investment.

Linda Mitchell is Vice-President of Marketing, High-Rise for Monarch Corporation. In 2005, Linda was presented with the coveted OHBA SAMMY (Sales and Marketing Member of the Year) award. In 2003, she received the Riley Brethour Award acknowledging outstanding and consistent professional achievement in residential sales and marketing.