The war, and the equipment used to wage it, is far from over at Lansdowne Park.

The debate over bans on military exhibitions in city-owned facilities resumes June 16.

After hearing from about 40 of the 60 public delegations on the issue, the committee adjourned the motion because more than half of its members had other appointments.

The motion would essentially reinstate a 20-year-old ban on military exhibitions at Lansdowne Park and all other city facilities.

The majority of the presenters spoke out against allowing exhibitions like the CANSEC show that was at Lansdowne last week.

“The city should be a city that promotes peace, advocates for peace and certainly doesn’t allow a showcase for weapons,” said Diane McIntyre with Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

However, Tim Page, president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries urged councillors to reject the motion to send a clear message that the City of Ottawa understands the importance of security and public safety.

“When men and women in uniform put themselves in harm’s way, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that they have the equipment and the training to do their jobs effectively and safely,” he said.

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