The families of injured soldiers and first responders sometimes need a “roof,” according to a Vancouver soldier who suffered a serious head injury in Afghanistan.

Capt. Trevor Greene was in Vancouver last night for the opening of Honour House, a charity that will provide free, temporary accommodation for war vets who are injured in the line of duty and their families. It will also house the families of first responders, like police officers, firefighters and ambulance medics.

“I expect support for me and the troops,” Greene said yesterday. “I think it’s very important what they’re doing.”

Greene was hit in the head with an axe on March 2006 after taking off his helmet out of respect while speaking to a tribal leader in Afghanistan. He said a facility such as Honour House would have helped him and his family.

Allan De Genova, president of the Honour House Society, said the housing is a response to the lack of resources in British Columbia.

Heavy toll
More than 1,000 wounded soldiers have returned to Canada since 2002.

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