Andre Chabot
Alderman of Ward 10
Age: 51

No. 1 issue:
“Safety and security.”

Political experience:
“Southern Alberta Constituency Council, president of the Calgary East Constituency Association, executive of Marlborough Park Community Association for seven years, and alderman of Ward 10 for five-and-a-half years.”

Why run?
“There’s a number of reasons, some of which include being able to bring to completion the funding mechanism to be able to move forward on the International Avenue development plan and transportation plan. As well, being able to identify and secure a site for the International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre.”

Nargis Dossa
Forensic Psychologist, Social Worker
Age: 56

No 1. issue:
“Crime — it is becoming quite clear over the last few years that Ward 10 constituents' continue to have this as number one priority; followed by poverty, homelessness, and transportation. Since all these issues intertwine I would like to add here.”

Political experience:
“No, but this is my second time running; and when I ran in 2007 my platform identified the same top three issues.”

Why run?
“Because promises are being made but not implemented. Ward 10 Calgarians have been complaining for the last 10 years to get decent resources and recreational centres for all ages.”

Karl Schackwidt
“Self employed at this time, I am in metal recycling.”
Age: 65

No. 1 issue:
“To improve the humanitarian rights and dignities of all citizens.”

Political experience:
“Assisted in several provincial and municipal campaigns.”

Why run?
“I am looking for a chance to change the face of our council and recreate more personal interest from other sources of government.”


Robert Kennish
Tech support
Age: 30

No. 1 issue:
“Public transportation.”

Political experience: None.

Why run?
“There are many key issues that aren't being addressed, which is resulting in Ward 10 falling behind. I want to make a difference within the community. Bringing back the sense of ownership.”