Ward 11 candidate Chinwe Okelu officially opened his campaign office yesterday on the south side of the city, where members of the community came out to mingle and meet the would-be councillor.

Salifou Yallou has known Okelu for many years and is confident he will make a successful councillor.

“He is someone who has a lot of experience and has been working in the municipality for a while,” said Yallou.

“He’s joining the community side and the municipal side of the business into one person and I think that’s very important, because he knows how things are decided at the city level and he also knows what the community demands are.”

The idea of pushing for a second library due to overcrowding in the current one located in a mall has many in the community on his side.

“Every weekend I bring my kids there and we have to wait sometimes for hours before we could get onto one computer,” said Yallou.

Some other issues Okelu supports are the LRT expansion to southeast Edmonton and planned residential infill in mature neighbourhoods.

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