Brian Pincott
Age: 49

No. 1 issue: “Transportation ... With the interchange at 37th and Glenmore open and functional, it is necessary to move forward aggressively to lighten traffic on the major roadways and to create non-stop routes for commercial and residential traffic, all the while protecting residents’ homes and quality of life.”

Why run? “The decisions we make in the next few years will shape the city we pass on to our children and grandchildren. I want to make sure regular citizens have a say.”

Ernest McCutcheon
Sales/business owner
Age: 34

No. 1 issue:

Why run? “I believe we have an opportunity to see positive change.”

Olga Knight
Teaches at Mount Royal University
Age: 56

No. 1 issue: “Bringing decision-making back to the community.”

Why run? “The community of Ward 11, not just one community, but every single one of the communities of Ward 11, needed someone who was very interested in what was going on and could bring that communication back.”


James Maxim
Businessman, energy sector, and assistant to MLA Darshan Kang
Age: 60

No. 1 issue: “The most important issue by far that this city faces are the financial challenges we are being forced to deal with ... My objective is a balanced budget for each of the next three years.”

Why run? “I sincerely have a passion to serve the public good. This stems from a promise that I made to my grandmother in 1968 ... I verbally promised that I would give back and to serve my country. Running for elected office is my way of fulfilling that promise.”

Wayne Frisch
Business owner for 23 years, software
company and furniture manufacturing
Age: 43

No. 1 issue: “Financial competency. It is concerning that the city is in billions in debt ... We need competent business minds sitting in council chambers and not ‘professional politicians’ representing industry or special interest groups.”

Why run? “We need a council that can make logical, fiscally responsible, unbiased choices around roads, bridges and tunnels ... We need to do more than just add bus routes and roads.”

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