Diane Colley-Urqhart
Registered nurse.

No. 1 issue: “Stop redevelopment of the Shaw-Nee Golf Course.”

Why run? “I bring considerable experience to the table in a time when some real tough decisions need to be made at city hall.”

Trevor Hodge
Bar manager.

No. 1 issue: The ring road.

Why run? “I read the papers and watch the news, and I couldn’t believe what council was doing. I thought, ‘You know what? They need people with little common sense in there.’”

Sandy Jenkins

No. 1 issue: The ring road.

Why run? “Extreme dissatisfaction with city council. The $3 park-and-ride is the perfect example of stupid decisions (made) by our current city council. ... I just feel like, with my background, I can really be a positive influence on the future of city council.”


Andrew Rodych
Runs an independent tutoring business.

No. 1 issue: “Community integrity and protection.”

Why run? “The issue that prompted me to action was the Shaw-Nee Slopes Golf Course concern.”

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