Druh Farrell
Age: 51

No. 1 issue: “Who should pay for the cost of future suburban development? The principle of allowing housing choice — where you want to live in Calgary and in what type of dwelling — is an important one. It is equally important that true costs are associated with the choices that we make, and that they are not based on a public subsidy.”

Why run? “For years the residents of Ward 7 and I have worked together to build stronger communities. From curbside recycling, to LRT upgrades, to the downtown beat police, we have accomplished many things, yet there is much good work to be done.”

Jim Pilling
Age: 45

No. 1 issue: “To restore the integrity between the communities and city council.
Why run? “The direct disconnect between city council and the citizens of Calgary.”

Elizabeth Ann Cook
Owner of Calm Lee Cleaning Services
Age: 63

No. 1 issue: “Taxation system changes that I feel are needed and tax dollars allocated to services that citizens should have provided for themselves, for a safer, maintained, environment that all can live in and enjoy.”

Why run? “I decided to run in this election, because I feel that I could contribute to the betterment of this city. I would like to be a part, in cleaning up issues that seem to be falling by the wayside, because they needed to be addressed ages ago. Instead, the money seems to have been put to use on projects that could have been left for a future time, when it would have been more feasible to take on.”


Kevin Taylor
Owner of the Cheesecake Cafe Macleod Trail
Age: 51

Why run? “Why have you decided to run? Simply put, I am hearing it is time for a change. Over the past few years I have heard increasing concern over some of the issues in Ward 7 and in Calgary as a whole. Calgarians are voicing their concerns, blogging on the Internet and talking to their neighbours about their dissatisfaction with city hall and the lack of fiscal accountability, safety in our city and need for stronger community connection.”

Michael Krisko
Kayak manufacturer
Age: 56

No. 1 issue: “City hall spending, transparency and contracting, and traffic/density practices are out of control.”

Why run? “Provide better representation for Ward 7, experienced with public consultation, budgets, policy.”