John Mar
Age: 41

No. 1 issue: “I think that the big focus is still on public safety and infrastructure.”

Why run? “I still have so many different projects that I want to see completed and I wanted to continue to bring my vision for Calgary.”


Zakary Pashak
Sled Island Festival founder, director, business owner
Age: 30

No. 1 issue: Vibrant communities

Why run? “I believe we need new ideas and new faces on city council in Calgary. I have seen how effective good councils can be in other cities and I believe we need better representation in Calgary.”


Antoni Grochowski
Student at the University of Calgary, graduate of architecture

No. 1 issue: “Homelessness and the negative results of the recent boom.”

Why run? “I found out that Ward 8 was left with no competition, there is some now, so I decided to run at the last minute.


David Lapp
Non-profit specialist
Age: 26

No. 1 issue: Fiscal responsibility

Why run? “I have a great love for my community. I just want to see my area thrive. I have always wanted to run for office, ever since I was a kid. I have assisted numerous candidates in past elections and thought, ‘It’s my turn this time.’”