Adam Vase
Currently fixed operations with an automotive group, previously with the Canadian Army (PPCLI).
Age: 29

No. 1 issue: Accountability to the citizens of Calgary.

Why run? “I feel that I am a regular average person, I work a full time job to pay the bills at home, I have a family who I love to spend time with. I feel that I am like the majority of Calgarians, and that I can relate to the problems and concerns.”


Gian-Carlo Carra
Urban design professional

No. 1 issue: “A great city is made from great neighbourhoods. City hall’s top-down, one-size-fits-all, conflict-based style of governance is a serious problem. We need a system overhaul.”

Why run? “I am running because I am committed to a better Calgary and I have the professional skills, the community experience, and the leadership capabilities to be the agent of change our city needs right now.”


Henry Hollinger
Security consultant
Age: 54

No. 1 issue: Public Security and safety.

Why run? “To bring fundamental change to city government. To renew peoples’ trust in city government.”


Jeremy Nixon
Manager of volunteers with the Mustard Seed
Age: 28

No. 1 issue: Accountability and transparency.

Why run? “Part of the reason I work with the Mustard Seed is I’m really passionate about communities. Our vision has always been about not only serving the poor but having Calgarians serve the poor. I really want to ensure that we have a city council that sees their role as walking alongside communities as they discover the potential for their neighbourhoods.”


Petra Clemens
Business owner

No. 1 issue: “Finding out what the issues are according to the people who reside in Ward 9.”

Why run? “Because it became apparent this year that the city was not working in our best interests. Our neighbourhood found out this year that the cost of maintenance of public property is being charged to property owners directly.

This practice is not consistent across the board; some communities do not have to pay, others do. The city will not explain this when we ask. Seniors cannot afford a $2,500 bill for a sidewalk replacement that they do not own and that city crews wrecked.

This year is sidewalks, next year the light standards and the year after that something else? Something has gone very wrong with our city administration.”

Stan Waciak
Construction builder
Age: 55

No. 1 issue: “Listening to the people, they are talking about number one, traffic, and number two, wasting money.”

Political experience: “This is my fourth time running.”

Why run? “Same as I do every time, to show people there’s a better choice out there, a real choice.”

Steve Chapman
Former Calgary police officer, currently COO for Venturion.
Age: 53

No. 1 issue: “Since 2001 I have been a small business and community advocate on issues such as business taxes, accountability, parking, transit, community safety, policing and development.”

Political experience: Lost race for alderman in 2004 by only 146 votes. Only 164 votes determined the winner in 2007.

Why run? “We need real value for money. My business experience and success has been based on customer service and value. We need to start using the right tool for the job. Often we can get the job done for less money by deploying different assets.”