Warning labels on liquor bottles could be another step in preventing drunk driving, according to a spokesperson for MADD.

In an attempt to prevent drunk driving, MLA Moe Amery is considering putting forward a motion to have warning labels placed on liquor bottles.

Denise Dubyk, national president for MADD Canada, said any initiative to create safer roads is a good thing.

“It’s a reminder that yes there are consequences,” she said. “I think that anything that reminds people not to drink and drive is a positive thing.”

Amery said the intent would not be to deter people from buying liquor, but rather to remind them not to drive drunk.

“I’m not saying to people don’t drink, what I’m saying is don’t drink and drive,” said Amery.

“We have warning signs on cigarette packages about health about sickness ... and I thought drinking causes similar problems,” he said.

“How effective is that going to be? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any statistics as to the effectiveness of the labelling on the cigarette packages,” said Amery. “I’ve seen some very ugly pictures on those packages of cigarettes but I still see people smoking.”

Amery said the motion won’t be presented until spring at the earliest.

“If that motion would help to save one life the mission has been accomplished.”

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