George Ultra Lounge will be holding a not-so-fond farewell party tonight for a certain like-named president on his way out of office.

David Hannay, owner of the Yaletown lounge, says the event, called Goodbye George by George, was – much like the exiting George W. Bush – a no-brainer.

“Obviously with the same names, we thought it was a natural match,” he said. “Plus Bush has given so much comic fodder to so many people.”


The lounge will be serving drinks named after the verbally challenged Texan, such as the Axis of Evil, the Hanging Chad and the Flying Shoe. The Weapon of Mass Destruction will not be available, as it was never found.

It will also be serving pretzels with choking hazards.

The official festivities, which take place from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., are sold out, though the lounge will be open to the public after then. It is expected that it will be at capacity – roughly 90 people – throughout the night.

“I’ve never seen as much U.S. political interest in Canada in my lifetime, right from Barack and Hillary dueling it out right up to this (inauguration),” said Hannay.

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