Riesling 2005


Who: Washington Hills

Riesling 2005

Columbia Valley, Washington State, U.S.A.

Washington State has emerged as a stellar Riesling region. The 2005 harvest stretched long, producing a vintage of wines with extra oomph. This Riesling has 3 per cent residual sugar, leaving it a shade on the sweeter side. Lush ripe apricots and peaches waft through the nose and carry onto the palate, accompanied by orange blossoms, fresh citrus and crisp mineral lip-smacking acidity.

Right now. The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival runs next week in Vancouver. One of the largest wine festivals worldwide, the Playhouse brings nearly 200 wineries and dozens of winemakers to Vancouver annually. This year’s global focus is Riesling — which our next door neighbours to the south do up nicely. Match this sweetie with spring greens tossed with fresh fruit and hazelnuts.

How (much):
$16.90, BCLDB

Winespeak of the Week:
Columbia Valley AVA is shared by south-central Washington and northern Oregon. It is Washington’s largest viticultural region, covering one-third of the state’s land mass. Within lies the Red Mountain, Walla Walla and Yakima Valley wine regions.


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